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Lookbook 2011: Something Old is Our Something New

Sunday, December 4th, 2011
Hi everyone!

Remember our resident stylist Jill? It’s been awhile since she last styled for Plueys here, but we asked her to come in and style for our newest collection! We’re more than pleased with the outcome! This year’s theme revolved around mixing prints and we’re excited to show you a couple of our looks from the shoot over the next few weeks. Here’s one of our favorites featuring our Spade rain boot:

We asked Jill to share how she envisioned the shoot:
“My inspiration for this year’s lookbook really came from the boots themselves. Plueys and ReadyforRain are known for their unique, quirky prints and what better way to celebrate this than by pairing them with other prints?

I find some people are hesitant on wearing rain boots because they don’t know what they can “go with.” But it’s all about finding a common factor in the prints whether it’s a color theme (e.g. black and white) or certain pattern (e.g. dots), and rocking it with a confident attitude.”

For our Spade boot, Jill chose a counterintuitive floral print to juxtapose against the preppy stripes.

Spade Look

We’ll be talking about our inspiration for the other looks in succeeding posts so watch out for those!

For more of everyday style inspiration, you can visit Jill’s blog at Plenty to Wear :)