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Origami Me & Me

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Origami Me often scares conservative girls. It’s too pink, it’s too bright, attracts too much attention…
For the most part, I don’t care if people look, as long as I’m ready, that is. :)
I do agree, though, that there are days when I feel like not being too in-your-face. Yes, it’s possible with these fuschia babies!

The way to keep it subdued is to offset the pink with the accent colors of the pattern- there’s a deep blue, white, yellow, lavender and dark purple. Of course, gray, black and white also work wonders.

I created two outfits for this boot to show you how – one that’s dressier and the other one more appropriate for everyday.

The first outfit is simple, streamlined and classy. A gray sleeveless dress that’s date-appropriate with zipper accents for extra pizzaz. I accessorized it with the wax-paper-white┬áSugarsweet my+brolly umbrella in this photo.

Another easy-to-wear Origami Me outfit? How about a floral top and white shorts? It will make you forget that it’s not summer anymore. I’d use this outfit to run errands (bank, supermarket, etc) on a gloomy rainy day. An easy way to pick an outfit for Origami Me is getting something with pink as an accent color — thus my breezy floral shirt!

Oh, and why for heaven’s sake, should you wear rainboots to the grocery store?!?

So your feet and shoes don’t get soaked in rainwater! Trust me, it will save your sanity!

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Celebrate the Rain!