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Friday, November 19th, 2010
Rain boot production is largely a handmade process

Rain boot production is largely a handmade process

Almost 70 years ago, the tradition of rubber boot making began. Boot making is a lengthy hand-made process; a different person is responsible every step of the way. One person prepares the rubber, one person creates the mold, another person shapes the rubber into the mold, another person attaches the buckle, yet another person attaches the sole, and another person finishes the rubber with gloss. As a final step, one last person tests the rubber boot to ensure that it is waterproof.

Whew! So much work goes into producing a piece of reliable waterproof footwear! The reality is that over a hundred people have a hand in making a single rain boot.

Today, the story isn’t completely different. Rubber rain boot production, whether printed or not, still takes a lot of hard work and attention to detail. Each piece really is a handmade work of art; no two printed rainboots are exactly the same!

At, we do extensive checks to ensure that the rainboots you do purchase from us are gloriously beautiful and live up to our waterproof standards.

minor scuffs on Catstooth sole

minor scuffs on Catstooth sole

Several rainboots which we have found to have very minor imperfections (featherlight scratches, barely noticeable scuffs, tiny misprints, folds that disappear when worn)–which are actually expected and not entirely avoidable given the multiple steps in rain boot production–are now marked as RED TAG in our online store. We think these irregularities are character-adding and are just added proof that our rainboots are truly lovingly handmade–this makes us want to make sure they are all put to good use!

So if you’re not particularly sensitive to these minor imperfections and want to have rainboots that still work well to keep you dry from the rain, this is your chance to score a pair. RED TAG items are deeply discounted and ship for free, only while supplies last. Visit and place an order today.

*No refunds on already deeply discounted red tag items; all sales are final.