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  • Do you have any stores in Manila?

    Our products are available at the following stores:
    • Backstage: 2nd floor Serendra, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

    • Locallective Pop-up: 1st floor, Eastwood Mall, Quezon City

  • Do you have any stores outside of Manila?

    We are constantly on the lookout for retail partners. If you know of any stores that can carry our brands, contact us at
  • What are Plueys?

    Plueys was the first line of imported printed rain boots sold in Manila. These are the humble rubber boots of our childhood reinvented with brave, bright and fun designs that recall the simple joys in life, like playing in the rain. The brand is exclusively distributed by Ready for Rain.

    How do I figure out sizing for Plueys?

    Adult Plueys come in European sizes. We have the equivalent US sizes, but it's best to check out the the heel-to-toe CM length found in the size chart found in the product pages.

    What if I am a half-size?

    Plueys and Ready for Rain rainboots don't come in half-sizes. We recommend that you go a size up since you'll still be wearing socks. Wellies are actually supposed to be worn a little loose. They're also cuter that way!

    Do I need to wear socks with the rainboots?

    Plueys are lined with cotton but we suggest you still wear socks with them for maximum comfort. We like knee-length socks best, but any pair of socks are fine just as long as you have them on!

    When do I wear my Plueys/ Ready for Rain rain boots? Rain boots like Plueys are best for keeping your feet dry and protected from nasty puddles when braving the streets during thunderstorms. Pack your regular shoes in your bag and wear your Plueys as you make your way to the office or school on a particularly wet day.

    How do I care for my rain boots?

    Wipe them clean after each use if possible. Wash the outsides from time to time with sponge and warm soap water. Avoid using a rough brush and the use of solvent detergents. Always dry at room temperature and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight which may contribute to drying out and stiffening of materials (

    Why is my rubber boots' surface turning grey?

    The surface of rubber boots is finished with silicone and lacquer during manufacture. However, silicone can be decomposed and can wash away relatively easily if the rubber boots are heavily used or constantly exposed to direct sunlight. In such situation, the rubber boots' surface is particularly vulnerable to UV radiation, which will cause the surface to become grey or even worse, perish. It helps to apply silicone rubber conditioner on your rubber boots, which will not only avert the fading, but also maintain the elasticity of the rubber boots. ( There are various brands of silicone rubber conditioner available in your local hardware or home/office store.
  • What are Rain Skimmers?

    How do I figure out sizing for Rain Skimmers?

    Rain Skimmers run true to size and come in full US sizes. Just like with Plueys, we recommend you get a size up if you're in between sizes.
    US Size678910
    Length heel to toe (cm)2323.824.825.626.7

    When do I wear my Rain Skimmers?

    Rain Skimmers can be worn a number of ways, the only limit is your imagination! They are light enough to take anywhere--packed in your bag or stored in your car just in case--you never know when it's going to rain these days! These are perfect for rain showers or for strolling just after the rain.
  • What is Tingley?

    Tingley Overshoes is a product of the Tingley Company, a 100 year old rubber company based in New Jersey, USA.

    What are galoshes?

    Galoshes are footwear made of rubber meant to be worn over your regular shoes, hence they are more often called overshoes. They are used to keep the feet warm, provide protection and traction against water, mud, or cold

    How do I wear Tingleys?

    Overshoes are designed to be put on and removed as needed. Tingley rubber overshoes are made of waterproof durable but high-stretch rubber for easy on and off. Wrap your shoes with the overshoe prior to wearing your shoes.
  • What is Trench'd?

    Trench'd is ReadyforRain's line of stylish raincoats for on-the-go rain protection. Trench'd is a line of lightweight water-resistant raincoats perfect for the working woman's lifestyle. Made of nylon taffeta, the raincoats are generously lined with colored lining. They have the classic trench coat silhouette, offering a slim alternative to normal plastic raincoats.
  • What is Linda Linda?

    These are high quality, polyester raincoats for kids, in fun prints. Linda Linda raincoats come in 5 designs and colors - blue bus Zoom, pink bunny Hop, green frog Ribbit, red Berry and yellow duck Quack. Ideal for children ages 3 to 5, these raincoats are absolutely non-toxic, comfortable, and safe for long wear.